Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wander Player Turns Your Smartphone Into A Virtual Game Controller

Playing computer games is always a pleasant way for anyone to spend its free time, but in my opinion computer games is the best possible solution to refresh the mind after working all the day especially at the time when you are not able to play outdoor games. However, some games require special controllers to enjoy the game to its peak level and for this you need to spend extra money to buy a controller, but don't worry I have a simple way using which you will be able to turn your smartphone into a virtual game controller for your PC and more importantly you will be able to do this absolutely free!

Well WanderPlayer is a free app that turns your smartphone into a virtual controller and the best thing about this application is its availability for both Windows and Mac platforms and additionally for iOS and Android phones too. This application also comes with a large number of free games that are compatible with this virtual controller. At the time this app is in Beta version so we may expect some bugs, but overall this application is very useful and very user-friendly too.