Monday, 7 May 2012

How To Install Siri On iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad 3 And Other iOS Devices

Apple launched the iPhone 4S on 14th of October 2011 with a lot of new features like  Apple branded A5 dual core processor chip, new better camera, and some mother minor changes as well. But the main feature that made the iPhone 4S special among all the iPhone family was the Siri – the intelligent personal assistant of your device. According to a recent survey, among all sold iPhone 4S, almost 87% of them sold just because of the Siri, which is amazing. I think this survey is enough to show the popularity of Siri among the Apple users. Hats off to Apple’s amazing work, but as there is no official support for Siri in earlier iPhone devices after the seven months of the release of iPhone 4S causing so much frustration for the owners of the non iPhone 4S owners.

Until now we saw some alternatives of the Siri for the other iOS devices, but most of them are not up to that mark or if someone is good, then it requires monthly subscription, which is quite expensive for most of the users. A 21 year old developer named as Rotastrain come up with a WordJelly Siri server which will allow you to use Siri on all of the Apple devices absolutely free using the chpwn's Spire tweak. The WordJelly Siri not only supports native apps, but it also works with Facebook, Twitter, emails, and financial information, which is still missing in the official Siri application. In addition, WordJelly is also compatible with the popular AssistantExtensions package of the Cydia.

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