Monday, 7 May 2012

Top 5 Features Of The Samsung Galaxy S III

Finally Samsung launched it's new and most awaited smartphone of this year - the Samsung Galaxy S III. This device is packed with top-notch hardware and it's new cool features are enough to make the smartphone lovers crazy. The Samsung Galaxy S III is well in front of the iPhone 4S in the race of the new innovations and super features. As I already told that Galaxy S III is in market with some brand features, but have a look at the top 5 features of the Galaxy S III that makes it preferable smartphone among the others especially against the iPhone 4S.

1) S Beam:
Actually Android beam is an Android ICS feature that allows the users to transfer the files between two phones in no time using the NFC technology. The Samsung came up with this feature in the Galaxy S III to transfer files with the name of S Beam. The Android beam/S beam requires holding the phone together to make the communication possible. This reminds me the use of infrared technology in earlier mobile phones to transfer the files between phones, but don't worry this technology is way faster than the infrared.

2) Smart Stay:
With Smart Stay feature, the Samsung Galaxy S III will be able to detect your eyes and recognize your eye movement as well. This feature uses the front camera of the device and it will automatically make your phone bright once you saw your dim phone. This is just amazing and cool.

3) Direct Call:
Samsung come up with another very innovative idea in the Galaxy S III known as Direct Call, which will allow you to make call by just holding the phone near your ear whenever you are reading an SMS of someone. This feature will save a lot of time for sure in case if you want to dial the number of a person who just messaged you.

4) Face Recognition:
The Samsung Galaxy S III can directly call, message, or email to someone using the Face Recognition feature, but first you have to tag the people with the names in your contacts list.

5) Wireless Charging:
With Wireless Charging Kit you will be able to charge the Galaxy S III wirelessly, which is a really nice feature that is very rear among the smartphones.