Monday, 25 June 2012

How To Make Ethernet Primary Choice Instead In Wi-Fi On Windows

Nowadays Wi-Fi networks are so much common and convenient that everyone prefers to use wireless internet connection instead of wired connection. One of the most prominent factor that forces the users to use Wi-Fi is the mobility, as you can easily move around in a limited area by keeping your connection on, but when it comes to speed then there are so many glitches in Wi-Fi as compared to Ethernet - wired connection. Thus, Ethernet is the more suitable option than Wi-Fi, in terms of speed. In Windows when you are using both connections at the same time then actually you are using Wi-Fi. This is by default settings of the Windows, but you can change it quite easily by going through the simple procedure listed below:

Step # 01:
First of all go to Network Connections from Start Menu or simply type ncpa.cpl in run box by pressing the Win + R keys together.

Step # 02:
Now press the Alt key in order to display the Menu below the Address bar, which is normally not visible in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Step # 03:
Now from that Menu click on the Advanced and then Advanced Settings.

Step # 04:
Now simply click on the green down arrow to replace the Wi-Fi connection with the Ethernet connection. This will make the Ethernet your preferable internet option when you are using both connections simultaneously.