Thursday, 12 July 2012

10 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For The Open & Save Dialog In Mac OS X

To get most out of an application, one must have to know the shortcuts of that specific application. These keyboard shortcuts can make your work so easy and most importantly it saves your time as well. Mac OS X has a lot of new features that really increased the user functionality level of the OS. In this post I’m going to share 10 useful keyboard shortcuts for the open & save dialog box in Mac OS X.

Below are the keyboard shortcuts:
Spacebar – View the selected item in Quick Look
Command+D – Selects Desktop as the destination
Command+Shift+H – Sets the Home directory as the destination
Command+Shift+A – Sets Applications directory as the destination
Command+Shift+. – Toggle invisible items
Command+Shift+G – Bring up Go To Folder window
Tab – Tab key auto-completes paths and file names from the aforementioned Go To window
Command+R – Open the selected item in the Finder
Command+F – Move the cursor to the Find field
Command+. – Close the Open/Save dialog window

Hopefully this will help you lot. In addition, you can share your favorite Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts with us via comments.