Tuesday, 28 August 2012

How To Switch Back To Old Macintosh Sound On OS X Mountain Lion

Apple is always looking to bring something new in order to enhance the functionality level of the user. Sometimes these changes are very pleasant and make the users happy, but this isn’t work always as we all are addicted to something or a feature that we are using from years happily without any issue. Apple did the same thing in OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 by removing the old Macintosh “Quack” sound and most importantly there is no official way to change the new sound or bring back the old one, but don’t worry there is a way to set up “Quack” sound in OS X 10.8.

To switch back to your favorite old sound you need to go through the simple installation process below that will allow you to replace new annoying sound with old classic Macintosh sound.

Step # 01: First of all you need to download this zipfile of size 1.8MB containing the old Mac sound files and extract it in your Downloads folder.

Step # 02: Now we have to find and access the ~/Library folder that is hidden by default. To find this folder you need to open the Finder on your Mac and click on the Go menu item holding down the Option key.

Step # 03: To proceed search for the Sounds folder inside the ~/Library directory and open it. Once open simply paste or drag and drop the sound files that we downloaded earlier in the first step.

Step # 04: The pasted or moved files are now a part of the OS X Mountain lion operating system. Open System Preferences app and click on the Sound, now click on the Sound Effects and new files are listed in Custom. Simply set it up and enjoy classic “Quack” sound of Macintosh.