Monday, 10 September 2012

How To Fix Any Corrupt Windows 7 Gadget

I really love my Windows 7 Gadgets especially the Weather Gadget which displays all weather information of your desired city right on your Desktop, but sometimes these gadgets may corrupt and displays nothing because of some viruses or other reason. Yesterday my Calendar Gadget got corrupt and display nothing except the orange blank screen, so after some research I found out a couple of ways to fix the corrupt widgets.

First Way: 
1) First of all close all the gadgets.
2) Now go into Run and enter the following path without commas and press enter:
  “%localappdata%\microsoft\Windows Sidebar”

3) There will be a Setting file, simply change the file name.

4) Now at last restart the system and bingo, your corrupt gadget should be working fine now.

Second Way:
1) Go to Turn Windows Features On or Off from Control Panel. 

2) Uncheck the Windows Gadget Platform, click OK and wait for a couple of minutes.
3) Windows will prompt you to restart your PC, simply restart it.
4) After login back, once again go to Turn Windows Features On or Off and this time check the Windows Gadget Platform and click OK.
5) After a few minutes, your gadgets will appear on your Desktop working properly.