Friday, 5 October 2012

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Google's Upcoming SmartWatch Augmented Reality Viewer

Google has always surprised us with its innovative inventions and it has done it better than any other software vendor. Starting from its leading search engine to one of the most popular Nexus 7, Google has always amazed its users with great performance. The next project that Google team would have been possibly working on is the coolest “Smart Watch” with excellent electronic display. Let us have a look on the details.

Recently, Google has filed a patent with the project description of a smart watch. The description included a proposal of a watch consisting of a wrist band along with housing, a mini- processor, a wireless transceiver and a touchable user interface. To add this, the smart watch may consist of a flip up display as quoted on the filed patent which would may be transparent and the inside display will be appeared when the user opens up the flip up.

The best part of the story comes here, an Augmented Reality Viewer. The filed patent by Google states that the flip up portion in its open position can be formed into a viewfinder for a camera and can be configured to display the related information about the image reflecting through the viewfinder. This could be something really interesting and useful if it gets implemented in a proper manner.

The concept of smart watches is not new as Sony, Motorola, Allerta have already tried implementing it. But the retrieval of real time data of an object through an image viewer integrated in a smart watch is indeed a unique and thought-provoking idea. This portrays the visionary approach of Google and its team towards revolutionizing the world with the benefits of IT.


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