Saturday, 13 October 2012

How To Disable IFA Feature From Tracking You Again In iOS 6

Do you feel annoyed to see those advertisement banners appearing on any of the app that you usually use on your iOS 6 device? You must have noticed that most of those ad banners target to what we habitually do with our phone. This is because of the user tracking activity enabled by Apple’s iOS 6 that uses a latest technology to identify the user’s browsing routine for the advertisers.

“Identifier for Advertisers” aka IFA is an unknown number that is assigned to the users and their iOS 6 devices to track all the activities of that user, so that advertisers would know what exactly they should market on your device. Honestly, this is a forceful violation of user privacy as the assigned number keeps a track of all the browsing and purchasing habits that you follow on your device in your daily routine. However, this is a temporary feature and can be easily disabled just like we disable cookies on our browsers.

  • You just need to head towards General Settings rather than Privacy settings of your device, go to “About” and then “Advertising” section.
  • Turn on the “Limit Ad tracking “option. That’s it! You have finally gotten rid of this irritating user activity tracking feature.

IFA’s actually don’t identify you personally, but they do spy on your browsing activities carried out on your iOS 6 device and provide the relevant information to the advertisers to target you for marketing their products. I hope the aforementioned method would have provided what most of you had been searching for.