Friday, 26 October 2012

How To Enable AirDrop Over Ethernet On Unsupported Macs

AirDrop is among one of the best features of the OS X as one can easily share its important documents, pictures and other stuff to other system. However, there may be some compatibility issues of AirDrop with older versions of the OS X. As everything has its solution somewhere or the other, I found a useful way to enable AirDrop on unsupported versions of Mac via Ethernet cable. I know many of you don’t really like to get wired when everything is wireless today, but if you want to gain something, you have to lose a bit.

Just open the Terminal and run the following command (without quotes) and reboot your Mac.
"defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1"

With the help of Finder active, launch the “Go” menu. You will see AirDrop appearing as one of the options. Just activate AirDrop to send files from this menu or from the sidebar on Finder. This would mention other Macs over the same network. Just drag the needed files to the recipients and wait for their response. To disable AirDrop utility, you can write the following command on your terminal (without quotes):
"defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 0"

If you find yourself still invisible on other Macs being on the same network, then try sending a file from your end or let them run the same command to enable AirDrop for your Mac. This method works on most of the older Mac versions including Mac Mini and Mac Lion.