Thursday, 25 October 2012

How To Find Nearby Wi-Fi Hotspots Easily With Siri

Finding for a close Wi-Fi hotspot? It won’t take much of your time if you have your iPhone on hand. Ask out Siri and get instant Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether it’s a nearby coffee shop or a digital library, Siri suggests you all the possible locations having Wi-Fi connectivity as soon as you place your demand.

All you need to do is say out some simple phrases to Siri installed on your iOS device and see the magic. I would suggest some of the following searching parameters for your ease:
  • “Where are Wi-Fi hotspots in <say out your city name>, <mention about your state>?” These parameters can do a lot for you if you are traveling somewhere.
  • “Where are the closest Wi-Fi- hotspots?” This is an easy one to fetch out all the possible nearby hotspots stations.
  • “Where is the closest digital library or public library?” This can provide you the list of libraries having Wi-Fi access.

Beside these parameters, you can also try out other phrases specifying your needs. Siri’s searching criterion is strong for coffee shops as most of us usually find coffee shop as the best place to chill out or have some kind of formal meeting with a business colleague. Siri has certainly proved to be a useful feature for the people lying in all the categories. From a business professional to an undergraduate, if you possess an iOS device then feel free to ask anything, anytime, anywhere from Siri and it solves it for you.