Thursday, 11 October 2012

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How To Fix iPhone 5 No Service Issue

It’s pretty annoying when you have an important call to make and your phone screen displays “limited connectivity”. One of the most common problems that many iPhone 5 users are facing includes the network issue. You might be complaining your service provider for this, but it’s the iOS 6 that is being questioned as at many instances, the phone has failed to provide service telling “no service” even in areas where there is sufficient network coverage.
Till now the two most suggested ways of solving this issue are quite silly however they can help:
  • Restart your iPhone 5 by switching it on and off for a couple of times.
  • Key up the airplane system on and off.

Apparently, the airplane mode technique does not seem to be an effective way out to this problem; however you can rely on the other solution that involves powering the phone on and off. As a matter of fact, turning the “Cellular Data” switching on and off doesn’t really help to get the reception back, but few users have been able to overcome this problem through restoring the network settings of their phone.

Though one cannot determine the prevalence of this issue, many iPhone 5 users residing in locations where there are already network connectivity problems for instance people living in rocky areas largely seem to be facing this obstacle. A lot of people I know have come across this problem merely when they leave a perfect 4G coverage place. Nevertheless, an update of iOS 6 is expected to eliminate the problem.

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