Monday, 22 October 2012

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How To Restore A Bricked Samsung Galaxy S III

When you find your Samsung Galaxy S III acting in a weird way once you install the jailbreaking tool, then it can be an alerting sign for you as there is possibility of getting bricked. These signs may include unexpected restart of your phone, unresponsiveness, displaying third party root apps download screen etc. For this purpose, you can try out some recovery steps to restore your bricked Samsung Galaxy S III:

Trick # 01: In recovery mode, hold, Home+ Volume Up + Power button. This way you can completely erase the phone data.

Trick # 02: If you are able to access Download Mode of your phone, then you can easily try to install your device’s original software. This is possible in a way as your device is already technically rooted, therefore you might be able to restore your changes by installing the previous software. You will need an ODIN and the related ROM for your phone. Afterwards, you need to follow the same rooting procedure.

The first thing that probably one can think about, soon after buying a new device is rooting it. Undoubtedly, jailbreaking can benefit you in many ways but it seems everything comes with its cost and besides having many useful benefits, jailbreaking might turn out as disastrous experience for you like “getting bricked”. Hope the above discussed solutions can help you to get back to your Samsung Galaxy S III.


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