Saturday, 6 October 2012

How To Root Kindle Paperwhite

Root Kindle Paperwhite
Amazon has been under flimflam recently because of its new addition to the Kindle Family known as Kindle Paperwhite. The features are amazing and all the e-readers around the world are demanding for it. According to CNN’s review on latest gadgets, new Kindle Paperwhite is a protagonist and is worth rooting for! Its amazing UI interface and other utilities can aggravate an e-reader lover to root it on the first use. Though being sold out within just two days after its official release, it was quite surprising to know that people had already started rooting it! This surely should be great news for the desperate Kindle fans who want to jailbreak their new device as soon as they get it. Here’s an easy way to do it.

You can easily root your Paperwhite within a blink of an eye. Just download the jailbreak available on the web and upload it your Kindle’s root directory. Finish the process by rebooting your device and you are done! Now you can enjoy downloading your favorite custom screensavers on your new Kindle Paperwhite.

Here’s the link to download jail-break for your Paperwhite. As a precautionary step, just keep the serial port on hand in case something wrong happens while jail-breaking it.

If you want to explore latest exciting utilities and themes of Kindle Paperwhite, get downloaded them easily on your set through this amazing jail-breaking method discussed above.