Monday, 22 October 2012

How To Set Picture Password As Sign-In Option In Windows 8

The upcoming Windows 8 is expected to be another hit for Microsoft just like Windows 7 as user are still quite happy with the Windows 7 because of the available features, performance, security measures, and more importantly its easiness. However, there is always room for the improvement and this is what Microsoft is doing.

Windows 8 providing a lot of new top-notch features including Picture Password that allows the users to use a picture, set some gestures on it, and then uses it to authenticate the Windows 8 just unlike the traditional and formal password exercise to unlock your machines. Windows 8 users can use any picture from their collection for the Picture Password which makes it more secure and user-friendly.

According to the Microsoft, Picture Password allows you easy, time saving and more importantly most secured way of keeping your machine safe and locked so other users don't be able to use it. The Picture Password technique requires the user to draw some gesture on the picture and then re-draw for confirmation purpose. After on these gestures are saved, and used as a measure to unlock the machine.

How To Set A Picture Password:
Below are quite simple steps for the Windows 8 users to set a Picture Password on their devices:
  1. First of all launch the Charms using the keyboard shortcut - WinKey+C on non-touch devices, while on a touch device swipe the screen from the right edge to center to launch Charms.
  2. Now go to “Settings” and then click/tap (depending on the nature of your device) on “Change PC Settings”.
  3. From the Settings menu, click/tap on “Users” and then select your desired user in case of multiple users.
  4. Here you can see multiple sign-in options including “Create a picture password”.
  5. Click/tap on “Create a picture password”, it will ask you to enter your current password.
  6. After entering the password, click/tap on “choose picture”.
  7. Select your desired picture and click/tap on “Open”.
  8. Here you can drag the picture to fix the position, once you set it simply click “Use This Picture”.
  9. Now draw any gesture and then redraw it to confirm that you draw correct gesture both times.
  10. In case if you draw the right gestures you will get a congratulations message that you successfully setup your picture password.

It’s obvious that Picture Password feature is not that effective on the non-touched devices as compared to touch devices.

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