Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How To Change The Color Of Status Bar in iOS 5

The attractive feature of changing color of the status bar in iOS 6 based on the theme of the running application is being acclaimed by most of the Apple users now days. However, the users of iOS 5 are still unable to enjoy the appealing UI feature of changing status bar color for their iOS devices. For those iOS 5 lovers who want to enjoy the same color changing effect for their status bars, here’s an amazing way that you can follow.

Status Color setting provides a few options that enable the users to set the color according to the current theme. If you set it to “Default” rather than choosing the other color options i.e. Black, Translucent or Black Opaque, then you surely would be able to troubleshoot this problem of color variation of status bar. All you need to do is get the Default option toggled on and get rid of the same boring status for any of the apps that you run on your iOS device.

So, I am sure that most of the iOS 5 users reading this post, have found out what they were searching for and would be pleased to see their iOS 5 device actually look like the devices having iOS 6. This cool status bar color changing method is simple and quick to apply for any of the iOS 5 devices; however this amazing method doesn’t work with iPad.