Tuesday, 9 October 2012

iPad 3 vs iPad Mini: What's New In iPad Mini

Everybody has been seen to play “guess the specs” game with the expected announcement of Apple’s up-coming product in the market - iPad Mini. According to a recent report, it is highly possible that design of iPad Mini could outshine the latest 3rd generation iPad. However, one would definitely want to know about the distinguishing factors between iPad Mini and iPad 3. Below are some of the comparative features between iPad 3 and upcoming iPad Mini so that you can estimate the popularity and most importantly cost of this forth coming addition to Apple’s family.

The latest iPad 3 offers a high resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels along with 4G LTE feature while the iPad Mini is likely to have low resolution as compared with the latest one. However, it is not confirmed yet and one may have the hope to get the same resolution display as the recent one. As far as the display screen is concerned, the expected member of Apple’s family is likely to have 7.85 inch display as it suits the theme of being “Mini”. On the other hand, iPad 3 has a 9.7 inch screen display.

The iPad 3 inherits A5x processor with quad-core graphics while the upcoming iPad Mini is possibly to have another version of A5 processor as reported by one of the Apple’s developer. However, it is not witnessed officially by any one from Apple’s team.

Rumors say that iPad Mini might cost lower than the new iPad 3, but a bit higher than the other competing devices including Kindle Fire and Galaxy Nexus 7.

On the whole, no one can estimate the exact features of iPad Mini until it is officially out in the market. But one may analyze the distinctive features between iPad 3 and iPad Mini from the above discussion.