Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S3 Leads On iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 has shown to be a challenge for many phone manufacturers. Samsung Galaxy S3 has recently on-aired an ad highlighting top reasons as why one should have Samsung Galaxy S3 rather than iPhone 5. Here is the post detailing top 10 reasons for Samsung Galaxy S3 leading behind iPhone 5.

1) Palm Swipe Capture:
Samsung Galaxy S3 offers this amazing image capturing technology by swiping the Galaxy S3 screen through palm. iPhone 5 also inherits the same feature but it needs you to hold Home and switch off buttons concurrently.

2) Palm Touch:
It works similarly as the palm swipe feature but the function is a bit different. It can be used for listening to music and you can pause it instantly when u desire.

3) Direct Call:
A self-learning feature that automatically dials a number for the contact you want to talk with. You just need to bring the phone near your ear and let “direct-call" work out for you.

4) Expandable Storage:
Samsung Galaxy S3 storage can be expanded up to 64 GB unlike iPhone 5 which doesn’t support microSD.

5) Removable Battery:
Hate when your phone runs out of battery? Galaxy S3 solves it for you. It has removable battery so that you can swap it with spare battery to get instant recharge. iPhone 5 runs with a fixed battery.

6) Tilt To Zoom:
Tilts when you intend to focus the view while capturing an image automatically.

7) Picture In Picture:
If you want to text an important message while watching a movie, then you don’t need to pause your enjoyment. Picture In Picture allows you to work on your phone while watching a movie.

8) Turn About To Mute:
As claimed by the ad, if you have an incoming call during an important meeting, then just turn over the phone and switch it to Silent mode.

9) Shake To Update:
A cool feature by Galaxy S3 to get update from all social networking accounts including Twitter and Face book. Just shake it and get updated!

10) Smart Stay:
An automated feature that allows your Samsung Galaxy S3 screen remains to be lit up while you are staring at it.

As far as popularity of both the devices is concerned, undeniably iPhone 5 has a huge fan-following world-wide, however, with the new technology and features, Samsung has justified itself as a challenging competitor for iPhone 5.