Thursday, 25 October 2012

Top 10 Windows 8 Apps, Let's Give Them A Try

Microsoft never stays behind and has always maintained its share in market place. Now when Google and Apple are already giving each other a tough time, Microsoft has also entered the battle with its new weapon Windows 8. With a brand new look and dynamic interface Windows 8 offers you thousands of exciting features and apps that can take your breath away! Here’s a list of top 10 Windows 8 apps.

1) Big Picture:
Many of us would have mesmerized with’s Big Picture. The enchanting photos from all over the world now can be had in a big-screen Windows 8 app. Windows 8 Big Picture lets you to scroll through latest striking photos of the week and save it on to your system.

2) Metro Commander:
If you miss out something in Windows 8, let the coders solve it for you just like they did by developing Metro Commander. This app greatly fulfill the needs of a file manager, comes with a dual-pane interface for your files and folders that makes easy access to all the basic functions such as View, Copy, More, New Folder etc. along with Sky Drive support too.

3) Cocktail Flow:
For all the party freaks out there, Cocktail Flow is ready to serve you with some tantalizing beverages for your next party. The beautiful looking app provides a list of all kinds of beverages along with their instant recipes based on their category. The trendy UI with basic functions can easily attract you to get this app. Cheers to developer!

4) Norton Satellite:

Worried about the security issue? Get Norton Satellite for your Windows 8 system and set your mind free. The program scans your Facebook links and Dropbox files and prompts you from the chances of being infected. But this is just an additional trait, as it also looks into particular files and folders for your easiness.

5) Fresh Paint:
A fun app that shows what actually Windows 8 touch is meant for. You could be lost for hours by the beautiful shades of colors and wide ranging variety of brushes. It is now more than just a traditional Paint app that Microsoft had been offering since decades. This program lets you to paint sensibly with engrossing brush strokes. An ultimate fun for youngsters.

6) TuneIn Radio:
Listening to the latest hits on radio has always been a good leisure activity. TuneIn Radio offers about more than 70,000 stations that lets you browse through various categories such as music, sports, news, comedy, language and what not! You can save your favorite stations to access it later or make an instant start by pinning it up with your Start Screen.

7) USA Today:

Want to keep an eye on world by every minute? USA Today is surely made for you. Now news has a Windows 8 way of presentation that lets you pop in through developing Stories via live tiles and you can navigate through whatever you want to get updated. The new-look of news story surely can grab the masses especially when it’s a video as developers have made sure to cover it as well.

8) Inrix:
I like traveling and therefore Inrix would be surely my choice. It offers you to have real-time look over traffic situation all over the world. The app boasted to use billions of data points to direct people through smarter driving conditions. Tablet users can make the most of this app during travelling.

9) Dredd vs Zombies:
Now let us talk about some game stuff. After hitting the huge crowd of Android and iOS users, Mega City One with its terrible danger of zombie invasion comes to your place. So get well equipped for the battle and just beat them up in all 30 challenging levels.

10) Tweetro:
Tweeting has becoming a craze for people. Keeping that in mind Windows 8 offers Tweetro to grab all the tweeter fans world-wide with excellent interface and clean look. The app caters all the headline features of Twitter such as timeline, sharing photos, customized feeds. So keep Tweeting!

The show has not over yet and there are thousands of interesting Windows 8 apps available on store but these are a must have if you want to enjoy every bit of your Windows 8 system. 

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