Monday, 29 October 2012

Top 10 Windows 8 Features That iPad Doesn't Have

Apple lovers tend to get biased when they see other rivalry widgets getting acclaimed for their better services. Microsoft – the most conventional rival of Apple has recently come into vision with its new creation Windows 8. To be honest, Apple fans should accept that new changes are worth praising and it is logical to compare them with what Apple’s iPad 3 is offering. Here are the top 10 reasons detailing why Windows 8 beats iPad.

1) Quicker Multi-Tasking:
Fast Processing is the key feature that lies behind Windows 8 growing popularity. Now no need to double-tap an icon to launch an app! Windows 8 has charged up with great efficiency that identifies your single thumb impression and launches it faster by swiping from the left side of the screen. Just swipe the app with your finger and reverse your finger to the edge to see the thumbnail view.

2) Easy File Attachment:
Windows 8 offers another exciting feature of attaching files with its stylish file picker that lets you select more than one file at a time. Whether your document is on your system or saved somewhere in the cloud, file picker can make attaching process really simple for you. iOS on the other hand, doesn’t benefit you with this feature in its email app.

3) People App:
People app is surely one of my favorites in Windows 8. It is more than just a conventional address book that automatically synchronizes with the contacts. From Facebook to Windows Live, People app manages all of your contacts efficiently and keeps on updating their recent activities.

4) Speedy IE 10:
All of us admit that IE 10 gives the fastest browsing facility than any other browser has provided so far. A test conducted for iPad 2’s browser versus Samsung’s Tablet filled with Windows 8 shown speedy query processing of IE 10 relatively better than iOS’s browser.

5) Great Personalization:
As far as personalization is concerned, Windows 8 has been seen to lead on iOS way of presenting apps. Windows 8 works on your choice to populate live tiles that appears on Start screen while iOS only gives a flower icon to represent images. The new Semantic zoom feature lets you name all the groups of apps and you can easily move them around.

6) Optimized Keyboard Support:
iPad needs a keyboard case to be added while Windows 8 has been optimized for mouse and keyboard support. Keyboard can be useful for having the work done faster. Keeping that in mind, Windows 8 inherits millions of shortcut keys to ease your life and optimizes your work in a hectic situation.

7) Built-In Xbox:
The underlying X-box feature surely is going to win X-box lovers. The gaming fans can now easily download X-box games from the app. However, for the time being the selection of games is quite scanty but we can hope Windows 8 can add more to this exciting feature. Additionally, X-box companion app lets you download the videos that you have bought from your Windows 8 system to the console.

8) Snap The Apps:
If you like multi tasking, then here is what Windows 8 has bought for you. Now you can easily work on your word document while watching your favorite video. Windows 8 has instant Snap feature that lets you resize the app window up to one-third or even two-third of the screen. You can easily partition your screen in multiple ways so that you can enjoy while working on your assignments.

9) Amazing Compatibility:
The compatibility with other peripheral devices has been inherited from Windows 8 ancestor. Windows 8 has better compatibility as compared to iOS and it makes it simple to access devices via Devices charm- an add-on of Windows 8. All you need to do is swipe through the right and add the devices quickly from PC settings menu.

10) Smarter Access To Settings:
The Wi-Fi access is much of a hectic task on iOS but with Windows 8 you can get connected within a blink of an eye. Just swipe from the left and tap settings. You will be able to see everything from head to toe related to network settings. Just customize them on your desktop according to your needs and get relieved.

Having these reasons discussed with you, I hope that Apple would surely pay back to Microsoft by overcoming the imperfections of iOS.

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