Thursday, 18 October 2012

Top 3 Tricks For Your iPhone 5 That You Might Don't Know

If you claim to know every bit of your iOS 6 device, then you might need to ponder over it as there are various hidden tricks that one may not easily get to know. Well, this post unveils some of the iOS 6 tricks for all the curious people who love exploring their newly-bought iPhone 5.

Trick # 01: Now you can easily mail you photos and videos via mail app on your iPhone 5. This can be done, following an easy procedure. Just tap in the message box and keep it hold. Then select any of the images from your iPhone gallery. Just tap on the arrow to your right on the screen for mailing and that’s it!

Trick # 02: Apple maps are presented as a headache for most of the iOS 6 users. However, you can get rid of this to some extent by making a small change in your iPhone 5 settings. Just go to “Settings” while being in your map application and decrease the size of the labels. This would let you view all the street names without making you zoom in to view all of them. This trick can give you a clearer look of maps.

Trick # 03: For those who want to keep their privacy intact while using Siri feature, here’s a useful trick for you. All you need to do is go to "Settings"> "General" and then select for “Raise to Speak”. Enabling this option can let you talk to Siri while keeping your phone near your ear, and pretend as if you are talking to someone.

Geeky Portal has always updated you with some great tweaks and tricks! Hope you enjoy them applying to your iPhone 5 or other iOS 6 running devices.