Tuesday, 23 October 2012

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Top 5 iOS 6 Features That You May Not Have Noticed

New iOS 6 offers about 200+ amazing features as boasted by Apple. However, there are some features that one may not easily identify on the first few uses of iPhone 5. For all of those who want to have a glimpse of few of those, then Geeky Portal is the right place for you. Here is a list of top 5 iOS 6 features that you may not have come across till yet.

Wake-Up Tone:
Apple iPhone 5 is not just an ordinary phone meant for texting and calling purposes. You can even treat it as alarm clock by setting variety of tones as well as customized ones by your own voice to wake you up from sleep.

Directions Locator:
Many of you may have found Apple Maps as a vague feature but some section work quite well. You can easily get the directions while walking by tapping a bent arrow on the screen. This will let you choose between different modes of travelling like walking, driving or public transport to suggest you the right directions.

Enhanced Gmail Features:
All you need to do is tap and hold down the archive button with an opened message to make the required selection in this app.

Customized iMessages:
Are you fed up getting fake messages on your iPhone 5. Just get rid of them by customizing the messages settings to ensure that only known people can send you messages. This is a useful option especially for girls who are most likely to be stalked by strangers.

Launch Via Siri:
Siri has got smarter than ever before. Now you can easily launch your favorite apps by just saying “Launch” plus your “app name” and Siri does it for you.

Apple iOS 6 is offering more than what was expected before its launch. Knowing these hidden features can urge a person to grab this new device as soon as possible.

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