Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Top 5 Must Have iOS Emergency Apps

Although natural calamities can be highly devastating, but you can always find your way out of such a situation by having certain emergency apps in your phone. Let us share some iOS emergency apps that would certainly be of great use for you.

1) Hurricane Tracker - Free of cost
Hurricane tracker is a great tool to get latest storm alerts when such an emergency is shooting off of a state. Besides that, this app can be used for many other purposes such as for getting auditory and visual weather updates, checking high resolution and interactive maps and receiving the most up to date information provided by the National Hurricane Center.

2) Survival Pocket Ref – Cost $0.99
Survival Pocket Ref can be used as a reference guide as it provides access to some really important first aid and recovery information. This app can be useful for people who wish to learn the basics of surviving a harsh climatic event and ways in which they can search essentials and needy items including food and water in an emergency case.

3) Hurricane by American Red Cross – Free download
You can now easily monitor meteorological conditions in an area where a hurricane is expected to strike by downloading this app by American Red Cross. This app helps you to prepare yourself in the event of a hurricane by providing you updated information and hurricane related reports.

Moreover, it is also a great way of finding out precautionary measures that you must take in case of a hurricane or a rough storm in order to ensure your safety. Another distinctive feature is its ability to work even when your cell is in offline mode.

4) ICE Standard – Free download
ICE is an emergency card app that helps identify the medical conditions of an individual through the color coding. This special feature allows you to get updated about your medical history and other health information where certain colors locate your medical profile. If the card displays red it means that the person is having serious allergies, yellow indicates that the person is on medicines whereas green shows that the person is not suffering with any health conditions.

5) GotoAID First Aid – Cost $4.99
This app can help you to join your loved ones including your family and the pets in an emergency case and also lets you receive First Aid updates. In addition, it contains useful facts and details regarding disaster readiness particularly for the ones who do not know about handling a severe weather situation.

These are some easy to download emergency iOS apps that can benefit you in any critical situation.