Monday, 19 November 2012

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How To Make Windows 8 Faster

New look of Windows 8 can definitely put an average user in a state of shock at its first use. The traditional start up button at the bottom menu certainly would be missed by many of the Windows fans but the efforts behind reviving the whole UI is quite commendable.

Although Windows 8 is quite better in terms of speed than Windows, but there is always space to make the things better. Therefore, I'm going to share two useful registry hacks of the Windows 8 to let you enjoy Windows 8 smoothly without any unwanted delay.

MouseHoverTime is a Windows 8 registry attribute that makes you compute the time that your system takes to display a pop-up menu. Now you can simply speed up your mouse hovering processes to get the things done as soon as you want. Here’s how you can do it:
  • Open Windows 8 Search using Windows button + Q. Enter “regedit” to search for registry.
  • Now browse through HKEY_CURRENT_USER --> Control Panel --> Mouse. Search for the property MouseHoverTime and simply right click it. “Choose Modify”.
  • You can change the time by entering “Value data” option that ranges from 0-20. The unit of time is in milliseconds to show information whenever you hover your mouse pointer over a specific menu.
  • Finally, click “OK” button and restart your system.

Presenting you another Windows 8 registry named MenuShowDelay which sets the time while you point your mouse pointer to prompt items of a menu. The property is by default set as 400 but you can easily change this value matching your suitability.
  • Press Windows +Q to search for “regedit” menu of your system.
  • Browse through the tree on the left pane to look for MenuShowDelay at this location HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Desktop. Right click this property and choose “Modify”.
  • Now you will see a “Value Data” option which usually ranges from 0-20. This is the time expressed in milliseconds that is required to invoke the items of a particular menu.
  • Click “OK” and restart your system to finally see the changes made.

Hope you liked the latest edition to our stream of posts detailing interesting Windows 8 hacks.


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