Tuesday, 6 November 2012

How To See All Android Apps Permissions

People often find it exciting to see their favorite app listed on app stores and tend to make no delay in installing it. Besides being an ultimate source of entertainment, these app stores may offer you some crucial apps that seek to exploit your phone data. Talking about Android’s Google Play, Bit9, a security vendor has already claimed that it has more than 290,000 apps that require high-risk permissions for accessing user data. This certainly demands for systems which can aware people about all the permissions that a certain app is going to have its access on.

G data is free and has found to be most appropriate antivirus for such measures. It displays a list of all app permissions and the best part is, it even highlights the apps installed by the manufacturer - Google as well as the phone owner. Here’s a list of respective permissions by particular apps that we download usually without knowing about their darker side:
  • Calls: Applications permitted to initiate calls.
  • Internet access: Applications permitted to access the Internet.
  • Address book: Applications permitted to access the address book.
  • SMS: Applications permitted to send SMS.
  • Log files: Applications permitted to read system log files.
  • Cell/WiFi location: Applications permitted to request the telephone’s rough location.
  • GPS location: Applications permitted to request the telephone’s precise location.

G Data antivirus free not only lists down the permissions but it can let you uninstall these apps right from its permission’s menu. To me, it’s a complete package that fulfills the protection needs of my HTC Desire V as well as the scanning requirements on each installation.