Thursday, 29 November 2012

How To Share Printer In Windows 7 Without Password

Printer sharing in office and home can allow multiple users to print their files on a single printer. Although printer sharing is quite easy, but in case when one system shutdown or restart, you need to connect the printer again, which is quite difficult and time-consuming in corporate organization as you manually need to share each and every printer in the morning time.

Windows 7 allows an easy way to share a printer without any need of a username and password. You already might know how to connect to the shared printer without any password, but those who don’t know can save a lot of their time using this easy trick.

I’m assuming that the printer is already installed and shared on system A. To kick the things off, go to the Network and Sharing Center from Start Menu or from Taskbar Tray.

Now click on the Change advanced sharing settings.

Scroll down to the end of the change and click on the second option “Turn off password protected sharing”.

Now any user on the same network can connect to the printer by simply entering the name or IP of the system A in the Run dialogue box.