Friday, 2 November 2012

How To Use Migration Assistant To Transfer Your Data From An Old Mac To A New Mac

Migration Assistant tool offered by Mac is the best yet simplest way to transfer all of your personal data from old Mac book to new one. Some of you may not familiar with Migration Assistant tool. Well, it is an easy transfer utility that allows you to relocate all your necessary files and apps that you wish to have on your new Mac system.

Here at Geeky Portal, you can find out how to use it, by going through some quick steps:

  1. Firstly, launch Migration Assistant tool on both the systems i.e. previous and new Mac book.
  2. Get both the systems connected through a common network by means of either Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  3. Now you need to configure some steps on the target system. Choose the type of source system on the new Mac among the available options including PC, Time machine backup or other disk. Click “Continue” and then enter admin password when prompted by the setup.
  4. Now grab the old Mac system and choose the type of destination via primary Migration Assistant Window. It will also prompt you to enter admin password to proceed with the steps.
  5. Exit from any other apps that you might have opened. Keep looking for the passcode on your new Mac, provided by the setup. Once you gain the passcode, enter it on the old Mac.
  6. The setup will provide you a list of content that you wish to transfer such as user data, applications, settings etc. Just select the required option to get them transferred on to your new Mac.
  7. After making the selection, just click “Transfer” and wait until it finishes the process.

If you are having fast wireless network, then it won’t take much of your time. Once the transfer process finishes, it will reboot the new Mac system to include all the changes. Migration Assistant tool has surely eased the tiring process of copying the data on targeted system.