Monday, 26 November 2012

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Top 10 Windows 8 Hotkeys

Keyboard always allows you to make tasks easier in contrast to mouse. More specifically keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys provide much more convenience and saves time too, thus you can simply and easily perform that task without the need to drag the mouse to some position to click. Windows 8 provides a more touch friendly interface, but still peripheral devices remain a top choice for most of the users and especially for the professionals. Therefore, I'm going to share top 10 Windows 8 hotkeys that will ease your daily routine work up to a great deal.

  1. Win + Print Screen: It allows you to take Screenshots and automatically saves it in Picture Library.
  2. Win + C: It allows you to open Charms Bar
  3. Win + Q: It allows you to open Global Search
  4. Win + I: It allows you to open Settings Menu
  5. Win + D: It shows the desktop my minimizing all the windows.
  6. Win + L: It allows you to lock your screen.
  7. Win + E: It allows you to open Windows Explorer.
  8. Win + R: It allows you to open Run Dialogue Box.
  9. Win + W: It allows you to close opened window having focus.
  10. Win + T: It allows you to see preview of opened windows in taskbar.

Do share your favorite Windows 8 hotkeys with us via comments below.

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