Wednesday, 28 November 2012

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Top 5 Windows 8 Security Features That Are Missing In Windows 7

Microsoft's latest operating system - Windows 8 come up with a lot of new features, especially the change in interface is the most significant one. Besides the other new features, Windows 8 is out with some new and improved security mechanism against virus and malware that makes the Windows most secured operating system of the Microsoft family.

Take a tour of the top 5 Windows 8 security improvements that Windows 7 users are currently missing:

Windows 8 Integrated Antivirus:
Windows 8 come up with a built-in antivirus program – Windows Defender that allows you to protect your PC from the first moment. Well the interface of the Windows Defender is quite similar to the Microsoft Security Essentials – Windows free antivirus. Of course you can install any antivirus of your like and Windows Defender will be automatically disabled.

Windows 8 SmartScreen Filter:
Windows 8 SmartScreen filter blocks malicious programs from installation, thus secure your PC by allowing you to only install programs with good reputation. Actual SmartScreen filter scans the EXE files you downloaded from any browser or program. When you run any file, Windows will scan its signature data and compare it with the information stored on Microsoft's Server. On the basis of the results Windows will recommend you to either install or do not install the app. Internet Explorer is already using SmartScreen filter.

Window 8 Secure Boot:
New Windows 8 computers having UEFI firmware that replaced BIOS, allows the users to use Secure Boot feature which makes sure that only trusted and reputable software can run at boot time. This saves the Windows 8 from any malicious boot loader programs and allows you optimum safety against the virus.

Windows 8 Early Launch Anti-Malware:
With Windows 8 Early Launch Anti-Malware (ELAM) feature, Windows Defender can scan any malware in the system’s driver during the boot-up process. This allows the malware free boot-up and blocks the rootkits that can start before the antivirus and then hide from it. Third-party antivirus can also be a part of the Windows 8 ELAM feature only if they are ELAM compatible.

Windows 8 Memory Management Improvements:
Microsoft make some huge changes in its memory management facility that now allocate and manages memory in a more secure way that reduced the security vulnerabilities. Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) technique is widely employed in Windows 8 that also makes it hard to exploit.

Windows 8 is already rated as the most secured operating system for the smartphone devices, but on the other side most of the tech experts slapped the new interface of the Windows 8 and rate it poor. However, I'm quite enjoying Windows 8 and recommend you as well.

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