Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mico Headphones - Play Songs Matching Your Mood

Music is a multi-purpose thing for most of the people as some of them use it for time passing, some of them use it for fun, while for some people it is a passion. Although the nature of the music is mostly dependent on your mood because every time you need to search your desired song it may be quite hard if you have a huge collection. However, the brain-scanning headphone is a great gadget for music lovers as it automatically evaluates your mood using your brainwaves and in the result it plays a best song depending on your mood.

Therefore, it is pretty simple, all you need to wear this headphone and you are done as you don't need to search any particular file and play it. This brain-scanning headphone is another example of artificial technology and you can use it with your smartphone as it comes with an application that uses as a communication source between headphone and smartphone.

The official name of these headphones is Mico Headphones and it is created by the Neurowear. This headphone has an EEG sensor that determines your mood and plays a song from Neurowear’s database of songs. Check out the demo video below: