Friday, 3 May 2013

New Features Of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

Android Key Lime Pie
Google team hasn’t disclosed much about its upcoming version of Android OS Key Lime Pie. But we can expect some good stuff coming our way! Below are some of the leaked features for Android’s new version that Geeky Portal has found out just for you.

Best Features Of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie:

Below are the some expected features of the upcoming version of the Android:

Renewed Social Media:

Social Media has been expected to get better. In the earlier versions of the OS, the social networking giants Facebook and Twitter showed lack of integration with the core functions of the operating environment. So, it seems that Google engineers are working hard this time to provide better social networking experience for its users.

Message Synchronization:

Cross Device synchronization is an interesting setting for the ones who frequently keep on changing their SIM cards on multiple devices.  The new feature would enable you to get perfect synchronization of the messages, whether on your phone, SD card, or Cloud.

Multi Device Capability:

This feature is perfect for the high-level Android users, who like to keep on changing their options while working. Switching on different devices while watching your favorite movie is no more a problem now. Multi device support facilitates users with easy and instant switching on different devices without any hassle. 

Optimize Performance:

The new version is expected to provide better processing performance with increased battery life. With the customized profile types such as “Bed Time”, one can easily cut down the power leak and battery consumption according to his or her requirement.

We can’t really read out the minds of Google developing team, but we can at least expect some new and exciting line of features for Android's Key Lime Pie, solely meant for user daily needs.