Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Lets Fly App by Matthew Martino

Lets Fly by Matthew Martino
Some people fear of flying while for some people it's a fun activity that can take you far-off places where you can spend some great time, discover new places, meet cool people and plenty more. Particularly flying for pilots is a normal activity as they are the ones who are responsible and knows how to fly the airplane. They also have sound idea about how planes take off, fly in the air and other information as well. In case if you also want to know about these things or looking to expand your knowledge, then Lets Fly by Matthew Martino is the app for you.

Lets Fly is the free education app available on the App store with some great content and information that lets you know all the details about all the mandatory things that a pilot should know about. It is best available app for aviation enthusiasts and PPL students because it contains all the necessary information about flying including altitude, airspeed, magnetic compass, aerodynamics, radiotelephony and other topics too. The app is based on the book Lets Fly by Matthew Martino that was released in 2012.

The app is very small in size and pretty fast with simple interface that can be improved. Besides eleven topics, there are also six tests that let you have a look at your preparations for PPL exams. In addition, this app also helps you find flight schools in the UK and comes with a nice slideshow of airplanes. Lets Fly app is the private pilot license manual with common illustrations that are very easy to understand for common people and can help you a lot in your PPL exams. Check out Lets Fly on the App Store, currently version 1.2 is available, which is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.