Thursday, 10 July 2014

4 Best New Games for Android

Best New Games for Android
We all love to play games in the free time as they are one of the best ways to kill our free, have fun and clear the tension. In addition, gaming makes you creative, attentive and lets you think the things with a different point of view. However, with the advent of smartphones, the gaming standards changed a lot and now you can play some amazing games right on your mobile device. There are so many games available on the Google Play Store, but today I’m going to share the good new Android game apps to spice up your free time.

Here are the best new games for Android:

1. Racing Rivals (Free):

Racing Rivals
Racing Rivals is a real-time racing game that lets you race against live opponents with some exciting features and top-notch graphics. The game is very thrilling as well as difficult, so you would need some time to turn the things on. Racing Rivals has a huge collection of officially licensed cars, offer in-app purchases to upgrade and buy new cars and it supports nine languages. The control scheme of the game is pretty simple and robust that makes it a real fun game for racing fanatics. The RAM requirements of the game are very high and you will need to connect to the internet to play the game.

2. Hitman GO (4.99):

Hitman GO
Hitman GO is a wonderful and exciting turn-based puzzle game that is based on the Hitman series. It was first released for iOS in April and now it is also available for Android users and getting a lot of popularity because of its unique and interesting features. The graphics and art style are quite simple, yet beautiful and all the boards and character pieces are designed as dioramas.  The gameplay involves completion of objectives and reach higher levels by hiding from your enemies and take them out.

3. Small&Furious (Free):

Small&Furious is a fun packed game with amazing colorful graphics and 3D environments to perform crash tests as it features physics-based gameplay. It is also an educational game as it lets you understand and learn real life physics while playing and having fun. There are 7 cars, 18 characters and 80 tracks available where you can test different stunt like 360 flip, plain crush and many others. Small&Furious also offers in-app purchases to get rid of ads and buy virtual gold coins to buy different items.

4. Wordbase (Free):

Wordbase by Aller Innovation A/S is a cool word game to test your vocabulary against your friends or random opponents. The gameplay is fun and simple as all you need to do is to make a chain of words by connecting letters in any direction to reach your opponent's side of the board. It is a highly addictive, turn based game with a clean interface. You will need to register before playing the game.