Saturday, 12 July 2014

Increase your Sales Reps Productivity using Salesforce

Increase your Sales Reps Productivity using Salesforce
Every sales manager asks himself these questions. What is the best way to motivate my sales team and how can I keep talents from going to another company? In theory, the answer is very simple. Appreciate your team and show them recognition for what they accomplish. Unfortunately, you mayunwillingly forget about this important thing or you might not know exactly how to do it. Luckily for you, there are some basic things you can do that really work.

Firstly, you need to be specific about your appreciation. „Good job” is not good enough. Give them reasons, underline their special ability that made them do a good job and express exactly what you appreciate about them. It will show them that you notice their efforts and that you pay really good attention to your sales team.
Be present in the communication. Praising them while checking your e-mail simply doesn’t have the same effect as speaking directly to them, offering them your whole attention and, thus, showing them how important their work is for the company.

Share your recognition with the public. Everybody likes to be congratulated in front of other people. We all need an audience sometimes and showing sales reps that you appreciate them in front of other people boosts their confidence and motivates them a lot. Also, if they do a really good job, let them share it with others by asking them to train other people. This is a really good method as it boosts the confidence of the sales person and makes them feel like they have achieved excellence, it also makes others want to follow and strive to become experts as well.

Don’t forget to offer your feedback immediately because nobody really likes to wait for recognition. If you fail to do so, they may become frustrated and think that you don’t value them enough. Also, try to get to know them from different perspectives and congratulate them not only for the work they’ve done but also for their style, attitude or preferences. It makes them feel as they are being noticed and it helps establishing a good connection with them.

Also, one of the most effective ways of motivating your sales team is to try and make their work easier. For example, it is very difficult for them to focus on sales while they are always struggling to keep the CRM database updated. And if you reassign some accounts to other sales reps, this can become a logistic nightmare. Try AutoMagic Sync from Floating Apps. This is an application that automatically syncs Salesforce and Google contacts while also syncing Salesforce calendar and Google calendar. It is a great tool for sales reps because, based on this system of Salesforce integration, this app allows you to have an updated complete CRM database without any effort from your sales team letting them concentrate on making the sales.

Motivate your team by making their work easier and showing them recognition. Try those tips and watch the profit of your company skyrocket.