Monday, 11 August 2014

5 Best iPhone Games of 2014

5 Best iPhone Games of 2014
If you are an iPhone owner and game fanatic, then it is pretty hard to keep a check on all the new games on the App Store. Each day dozens of apps get approved by the App Store editorial team, while several of them are rejected. Therefore, today I’m going to share 5 best iPhone games of 2014 that are worthy to give them a try.

Here are the 5 best iPhone games of 2014:

1. VVVVVV ($2.99):

VVVVVV by Terry Cavanaugh was first released for PC and Mac in 2010, but earlier this year it was also released for iOS and Android. It is a 2D puzzle game and no different than the original version. The gameplay is quite simple, yet interesting and you will love it on your iPhone if you already played it. The game starts by telling you the story of a space captain who tries to track down his crew in a sophisticated environment.

2. Sky Force 2014 (Free):

Sky Force 2014 iPhone
Sky Force 2014 by Infinite Dreams is an amazing 3D game with powerful graphics that is based on the original Sky Force that was released in 2004. It is recently released and already become one of the best air combat games on the App Store. It is a responsive one-to-one control game in which you need to attack the approaching targets and keep your jet safe from the enemy bullets. This game is truly awesome and fun with multiple levels and a big list of guns, missiles, magnets, lasers and mega-bombs.

3. Boom Beach (Free):

Boom Beach iPhone
Supercell that is well known for their Clash of Clans, has recently released the Boom Beach. The gameplay involves the exploring of the surrounding areas and free the natives from facinorous slavery. You can use them to build and upgrade ships, deploy them against the enemies and more. You will earn different types of resources while freeing the islands and you can also trade additional supplies with the free islands in your custody. Overall the game is very interesting and constantly evolving strategies makes it really addictive.

4. Supernauts (Free):

Supernauts 2014
Supernauts by Grand Cru is a beautiful game in which you need to rebuild the world that is vanished because of the flood. Supernauts is a 3D, single player, mission based game that looks like a simpler version of the Minecraft, but very creative and interesting one. The interface of the game is pretty simple which makes it very easy to set up new buildings for refugees, reach new levels and discover new things.

5. TwoDots (Free):

TwoDots iPhone
TwoDots by Betaworks One is the sequel of the popular game Dots that has more than 20 million downloads. It is a simple and a smart puzzle game with beautiful interface that makes it a fabulous game in which you need to connect dots of the same color either horizontally or vertically. You will miss the head-to-battles in this version, but still you can challenge your friends through Facebook connect.